Stage 1 requires oscillating between focused and diffuse thinking.

This is achieved by losing yourself down rabbit holes, while searching the wide web, followed by activating thought connections amongst the heady heights of a mountain range.

The mind-expanding environment of a mountain range can help you to think more freely. By repositioning your thoughts, to explore potential connections between your myriad of web searches, which is easy to lose track of when surfing the net.

Stage 2 involves coming back down to ground level, to reorient your thought-connections.

This stage requires mind-mapping your thought-connections explored in the mountains.

Representing thought connections through pattern formations as a diagrammatic-representation(s). This representation stage is vital, to present your thought-connections as just a series of differences. I tend to use a tessellating shape, such as a triangle, to map my thought-connections, which helps to lose the essence of my thoughts, by removing subjective feelings or opinions, and reducing the complexity of personal experience or biases.

Stage 3 requires you to bring your thought-configurations to life, as thought-models.

Using colour-codes or an equivalent meaningful system that suits you, will help distinguish how you configure your thoughts.

Stage 4 involves turning between your diagrammatic-representations and your thought-models, to reactivate-thought-connections. Think of this part of the process as curating a pop-up installation, to bring your diagrammatic-representations to life, by forming-and-reforming-thought-connections, through vertical-or-horizontal-pattern-formations, to explore potential-thought-connections.

The Final Stage, stage 5 is to remain-open-minded, by letting go of your thought-configurations.

Inviting others to rearrange your thought-configurations, by following your diagrammatic-representations, or not, is when perspectives have the potential to shift.

You may encounter your thought-configurations becoming reinforced or broken-down. You may even stumble across a breakthrough idea.