c0de to Home: A Series of One Liners

A Series of One-liners, 2024

Embroidery thread on 10 count embroidery canvas

96cm x 96cm unframed

c0de to Home: A Series of One Liners as a constellation installation in conversation with artist Steve Dutton

Having a shared/overlapping focus on the mattering and patterning of language and data, and the breakdowns, gaps, fissures and ruptures which characterise this mattering within human verbal, textual, semantic and idiomatic communications, Forrest-Beckett & Dutton do not see themselves as a collaboration but as two artists in conversation through their work.  Within this conversation there are aspects of potential miscommunications, slippages, mistakes and the production of malapropisms which they understand as being the most productive element in the production of art.

Following a joint visit to the exhibition “Amour Systémique” in Cpac in Bordeaux in early 2024 , where the motif of the grid was explored as a “façade of neutrality and silence” and in which “as a motif, it is unmediatedly ideological — an antinatural symbol of order, it constrains rather than liberates”, Forrest-Beckett & Dutton have been developing conversations and propositions which focus on the collision of what might be considered language bordering on glossolalia, xenoglossia, hysterical, erotic, and paranormal/magical against the so-called constraining, rational, antinatural, anti-humanist, ordering qualities of the grid.

In short, they are working with linguistic forms and references which exceed themselves and their containing structure (grids, sentences, utterances, spreadsheets) and to suggest, in which, they consider to be a 3rd ( 4th, 5th, 6th ) form of language which is neither mute, silent and unintelligible, nor intelligible, meaningful and sense making, but constitutes new patterns and constellations of things approaching sense and retreating from sense systematically in the form of an affective linguistic event.

Proposed title:


  • construction of large text-based wall drawings based on Dutton’s “OZ” drawing.
  • construction of thread-written architectural structures using DIY materials (mesh panels and rope) based on Forrest-Beckett’s “A Series of One Liners” embroidered drawing.

The above would serve as ‘backdrops’ or ‘background noise’ to other works (objects, drawings, paintings and moving image/sound)

Proposed colour palette: