c0de to Home Series

And when we are drowning, we grasp at what we can.

Nerburn, K.(2020) The Artist”s Journey. CANON GATE. p233.

Digital prints on linen, 180cm x 57cm and 180cm x 70cm

c0de to Home: Womb Room circa 2002, 2024.

c0de to Home: A Room for Girls to Whistle circa 1984, 2024.

c0de to Home: A Room of One’s Own circa 1989, 2024.

Mummified Artefacts A through D, 2022-ongoing.

Wood, skirting, architrave, wallpaper, paint.

I grew up in a home that was constantly repainted, but it was never simply a fresh lick of paint or an accent wall. Each layer of colour mummified the previous, filling the walls, up onto the ceiling, flowing through to the furnishings, drowning whatever was there before.

Taking a {psycho, techno, archaeological} approach, the ‘c0de to Home Series’ is a colour-coded language, sourced and collaged from articles, literature, film, and music, which speak to the memories of growing-up in colour saturated spaces.

Scan the QR code to tune in or skip and shuffle to find your groove and dance around the heart of the matter.

c0de to Home: a constellation installation

Opposite the entrance of a white cube, Cathedral-like room

layered lines of colour,

numbered and coded.

Womb red to sky blue,

a soft lilac hue and peppermint green,

tupperware sky grey rescued by a dreamy peach and

followed by a punch of orange.

A small, white stand kneels beneath, on which,

lay a canvas bound Order of Service book that reads ‘c0de to Home’.

There’s a second white stand, positioned at an acute angle facing outwards, into the room.

Standing tall, it looks for attention,

perhaps to lecture, preach, judge or chant.

In the centre of the space, fragments of home are displayed in glass cases,

each bearing the trace of coded colours captured within their edges.

Each fragment is numbered,

catalogued as lots in the back of the Order of Service book.

A gavel goes down

and the auctioneers chant begins.

Order of Service: Explains the structure and content of Christian services. A funeral order of service is a printed guide to the funeral ceremony or service. The booklet often contains details of the deceased with a photo on the front. The inside pages have the funeral service outline and a poem, prayer, or hymn. The back page may have details of the wake, more pictures, the funeral service date, location and so on.