c0de to Home Series: Compressed Matter

c0de to The Womb Room, 2024.

9216 plastic bricks.

80.5cm x 80.5cm framed

That’s what you were looking for. Wasn’t it, my dear?
Yes. I forgot.
Now, why don’t you…come in here…and see if there’s anything else…you’d like. Your bunny rabbit. You like your little bunny rabbit.
Don’t you? Yes, yes. There you go.
There’s Betsy Boo. You remember Betsy Boo, don’t you?
Yes, yes.
Now then, what else have we got? What’s this? Let’s have a look.
It’s a pencil box. Got lots of pencils in it too.
Here’s your panda slippers. You know how much you like them.
You never wanted them thrown away. There they are. That’s right.
Okay. Now then, what else? It’s little Horsy.
You love little Horsy, don’t you, dear?
And look at this! You got a printing game, you have.
Here’s a treasure. You’ll want that. Won’t you, my dear?
Yes, go on. Put it on. Make yourself up.
Here’s dear old Flopsy. You’ll want her. There you go.
Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
Charlie Bear. Right. There’s Charlie Bear for you.
There was something I was looking for.
Don’t talk nonsense. It’s all here.
Everything you’ve ever cared about is all right here.
There’s your little toy candy shop. [1]

[1] Jones, T. (scriptwriter, 1986) Labyrinth. Online source: https://transcripts.thedealr.net/script.php/labyrinth-1986-Nlh. Source cited: 22nd April 2022, referenced from 01:07:58 – 01:08:16 and 01:09:22 – 01:10:28