A former Database Administrator, since 2015 Forrest-Beckett’s practice has been pushing the boundaries of the grid systems she felt confined working within.

Having pushed her technological automation tools aside, to build-in-time, in which, to slowly-process digital matters, as matter, what has evolved are {digital, physical} mashups, made-up from skills she has inherited or picked-up along the way {building, cleaning, decorating, writing code to clean, build and manipulate data structures}, which she uses to handle the processing of adverse life events {a broken heart, identity fraud, financial insecurity, family disruptions, natural and unnatural disasters}.

On mass, as matter(s) accumulate and content begins to fall out of context, she takes a {psycho, techno, archaeological} approach to unearth the {mal, formed} from the {mis, informed} that have become enmeshed. Using the grid as a device to map the correlations that she makes through colour codes and a play on words and signs, what emerges through her human-computer mediated investigations, is a form of codified, pattern language.

In recent work she has started to incorporate elements from her ‘Playlists’ and ‘Filmography’, wherein, cinematic split screens rupture the illusion of a frame as a seamless view of reality and an eclectic mix of lines from film scripts and rhythmic cues fall out of sync with their visual counterparts, requiring deep listening to attune to the matter in hand, or skips and shuffles, in which, to find a groove and dance around the heart of the matter.

If Forrest-Beckett’s practice is not film making nor worldmaking, but a complex multi-verse, wherein, pseudo-artefacts coexist as parallel time-strata, offering alternative interpretations on wide-ranging matters anytime between a Pompeian past and a techno-future, then perhaps the overarching principle could be considered as centring around what could be termed ‘a mattering of incoherence’, wherein, she curates constellations within installations, as a manifestation of an inconclusive language.