As a process-based artist I generate potentially unbounded sequences and iterations. Thinking with complexity in mind, I create encounters with diagrammatic drawings, film montage, and acts of modelling and remodelling, as forms of conceptual and visual propositions. 


Creative play may challenge predetermined outcomes and boundaries, but I am not trying to solve problems, but draw attention to the problem, to intensify it as a thing in itself. In short, I curate decentred, constellations of signs, which actively converse but remain inconclusive.


In the context of artistic research, artworks are the generators of that which we do not yet know. They thereby invite us to think. Artistic research is the articulation of this unfinished thinking.

Borgdorff, H. ‘Art Works as Epistemic Things’ in Schwab, M. (ed.) Experimental Systems: Future Knowledge in Artistic Research, Leuven University Press, 2013, p117


As a member of the Society of Artistic Research (SAR), my artistic research follows the ethos of SAR, to explore ways of negotiating the autonomy of artistic research, through artistic actions that are considered an alternative mode of knowledge. With reference to the philosopher Boris Groys, who states that the value of art is found through playing with conflict, the theorist Henk Borgdorff, who considers artworks asgenerators of that which we do not yet know’ and ‘the articulation of this unfinished thinking’, and the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, who finds value in the work of art or science through that which has ‘remained unsaid…but…demands to be unfolded and worked out’, I value the act of creative play, to open-up what is systematically pervasive, to find an entry point where societal impact may be found.