Forrest-Beckett’s practice and practice-based research are founded upon artistic propositions that actively struggle to present themselves as coherent language. Exploring these inchoate propositions she constructs spatial connections and intuitive leaps as a form of inconclusive language. 

Incorporating performative strategies within her practice as a method of shaping thought and taking it into unexpected directions, she curates constellations of signs, materials and processes that challenge habituated thinking and aim to decentre any one viewpoint.

In recent work, the digital becomes material in the form of three-dimensional spreadsheets, which are always on the point of collapse, and algorithms are slowly processed through acts of drawing, in which pattern recognition is explored spatially, while the classification of data is made to evolve in less predictable ways.

Drawing attention to that which is incoherent, to intensify it as a thing in itself, what culminates in Forrest-Beckett’s practice is a form of aesthetic climax, that overflows with unbounded sequences, iterations and potentialities.