“Why not suppose that thinking is not in alignment with the world and not upright in character, that it can be contrary toward things outside of itself and can be playful and ill-mannered as well as upright? Under this set of contestable assumptions, thinking becomes a conglomeration of intentions, leaps, intensities, trace elements, and accidents, out of which emerge the surprises that temporarily jar humans out of the stupor of their duly sequential representing and recognizing.”

Bennet, Jane. ‘The Enchantment of Modern Life: Attachments, Crossings, and Ethics’. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2001. p52-53

My practice and practice-based research are founded upon artistic propositions that actively struggle to present themselves as coherent language. Exploring these inchoate propositions, I construct spatial connections and intuitive leaps as a form of inconclusive language.

In past work, objects, sound, and images are live-streamed alongside one another, as a series of temporary glitches, that draw attention to that which is incoherent.

In recent work, a kaleidoscope of hand-drawn, algorithmic drawings visually map sequences of Sternberg’s triarchic theorem for love, while a data voice explores the context of a broken heart and a state of mind through the lyrics of love songs.

Instigating symbiotic relationships with machine learning, I record and document a working-memory process, executed through a mash-up of colour-coding and word-associations, using web searches, web links, and algorithmic playlists.

Referring to my collective breakdowns in communication as stratified relations, which accumulate and become compressed over periods of time, what materialises are data abstractions and diagrammatic drawings, that overflow with unbounded sequences, iterations, and potentialities. 

What culminates during my study of alternative, artificial-human language forms, is a wholehearted performance (or even a performance of holes), where glitches create fissures and fault lines, that permeate the mind, the body, and its environment.