‘inline worldview or weird love nil win’, 2016

'weird love nil win', 2017

Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 30cm (as a whole)

Materials: wooden blocks, paper

‘inline worldview or weird love nil win’, 2016, is an aesthetic artefact which evolved during a process of working with unsettled feelings that I was ready to face.

I am unable to recall when I took the photos but the images sat on my hard drive as I was unable to face them for many years.

They were taken in my former, family home, at 9 Willow Drive. When the house was being sold I went to collect some boxes full of my childhood toys, books, birthday cards, etc, and in a desperate attempt to hold onto the place, I took a series of photos within each of the rooms. Even though the house had already been emptied and looked forlorn, I had the idea that by capturing each room in the house I could at least draw upon them as back drops, wherein, I could place myself and perhaps playout scenarios.

Capturing multiple shots from different angles within each room, I wanted to ensure I could position myself from the point of view of others.

Each wooden block represents a room in the house. The horizontal surfaces of each block are faced with a digital image of each of the four walls within the room.

The blocks were created to be played with, but the more you play with them the images begin to fade.