Playlists for a Practice

‘Blind Faith: The Promise of a 9m Tower’, 2017 playlist

Source: Myself Becoming Algorithm

daydream/beyond/beyond/return/tease the crack/possibly maybe/probably/uncertainty/eruptions and disasters/keep calm/promised/heart’s burned/exhausted/alone/broke-up/hanging/ground/hold back/crack/fear/overflows/grows/explodes/bursts/breaks/love can be taken/taken down/turn around/reflection/landslide/mirrored/rise above/fear of change/built around another/bolder with time/stand-up/manage/self-sufficiency/get to work/exhausted/rescue squad/2+2=5/pay attention/pay/attention/the sky falling in/kalopsia/control/help the self/knowing the ropes/disappointed answers/disappointed questions/actions/familiar acts/lacking words/beat the fear/prevent disaster/react to the questions of actions/if/the sound of a wish/the blink of an eye/scatter sighs/change feelings and hearts/outside looking in/time/the acorn carries an oak tree/sleeping but for a little while/in the arms of spring/never knows/how wild the wind blows/a thought carries a universe/a seed carries a field of grain/love lies/ arms of change/joy carries a pain/no one knows/how wild/the journey/big ideas/happen/fill up with noise/something missing/dirty mind/surrender/start you engines/the bend in the road/rising/flowing/liquid/the corners of the world/inside/dreams/preaching/pitch dark/trip/a siren/shipwreck/don’t reach out/steer away/walking disaster/shoulder/feel it/it’s there/heaven sent/accidents/waiting/waiting/to happen/comas/prisoners/heart-shaped hole/shock me awake/tear me apart/deeper down the rabbit hole never to be found/down the drain/missing now/comb the air/cast all fear unto the wind/undo the soul/


‘All My Love: Matters of the Heart and Mind’, 2020 playlist

Source: Spotify Algorithm