Michelle Forrest-Beckett has been compiling ‘Playlists for a Practice’ since 2017.

Considering each playlist to be a form of soundtrack for ‘a series of never-realized films, unlike film-making, she does not lay tracks set in sequence to a moving image, what remains is a work-in-process, in which fragments of a world are orchestrated to be set in motion.

To experience her multi-verse is to face an encounter with divided attention and in a world with no single rule or guiding power, is now not the time to attune oneself to the fractured world that we are a part?

‘Orbital’, 2024-ongoing

‘End of Days / syaD fo dnE’, 2023-ongoing

‘Spirits in the Machine ’, 2023-ongoing

‘Labour of Love: Dancing with Data Episode II’, 2023-ongoing

‘Mummy: Stratified Relations’, 2022

‘Labour of Love: Dancing with Data Episode I’, 2022-ongoing

‘Blind Faith: The Promise of a 9m Tower’, 2017