{net, work}, 2017

'{net, work}', 2017
{net, work}, 2017
6 x installation works, live-streamed from 6 x different locations

Formed from a series of 6 x installations that were installed across 6 x different sites, ‘{net, work}’, 2017, incorporated surveillance technology, to monitor and transmit each position to a central location.

Presenting new perspectives on the technical conditions of perception that are used to measure, map, and track human activity, ‘(net, work}’, 2017, plays with aspects of scale and orientation, through lenses that zoom in to focus upon static details and others that zoom out to witness monolithic artefacts collapse.

Creating converging and diverging conversations across space and time, ‘(net, work}’, 2017, cross-examines physical and digital forms of representation, to contemplate the acceleration and deacceleration of digital-to-analogue and analogue-to-digital chain reactions.