‘As the Seasons Change, We Look in a Different Direction’, 2021

‘As the Seasons Change, We Look in a Different Direction’, 2021, is a text-drawing, which I created, in response to a drawing I received from the artist Andrew Bracey, during 2021.

1 of 24 artists who received a drawing, my response began by adding gridded lines to the drawing (pictured left), as a means to map its content.

Bracey titled this exchange the ‘Dō̂ron Ékphrasis’ project, which he describes, as follows:

“…the drawing I have sent to you is a gift, which is not freely given, but in exchange for a piece of writing that has been made in response to the drawing, a form of ekphrasis. What you write is up to you and how long it is also, so it could be a poem, a single word, a story, critical review or analysis, speculation, haiku, crossword, question, etc. The text can be as long or short as you decide is right and can be presented in any form, however it will be printed in a portrait book, roughly at the proportions of the drawing. I would rather not influence you with anything about the intention or content of the drawing in words, just to ask you to respond to it.”