‘Blind Faith: The Promise of a 9 Meter Tower’, 2017

Caught by the light that flickered through old, obscured glass window panes. Not the clear replacement panes that disclosed unimpeded views, but the blurred panes, with softer lenses, where the light intermittently tripped upon the flaws of the glassy-eyed.

'Blind Faith: Day 1, 2017

‘Blind Faith, 2017’ was formed from ‘derange, 2016’ as a means to reconfigure and create disturbances within thought.

'derange', 2016

Unfocused views.

Mapped and tagged using a colour-code and an anthropological referencing system.

Omitting the clear window panes, disorientation of thoughts began to incur.

'Blind Faith: diagrammatic drawing I', 2017
‘Blind Faith: Diagrammatic Drawing I’, 2017

Jack’s decision to climb the beanstalk is a moral tale about taking opportunities that life provides you. When he starts climbing, he doesn’t know where that path will lead him or if that path will lead somewhere at all. He knows that he may face danger, but he has no idea what that danger might be. Despite all this, he climbs the beanstalk to find his luck.” [1]

'Blind Faith: Day 1, 2017

'Blind Faith: diagrammatic drawing II', 2017
‘Blind Faith: Diagrammatic Drawing 2’, 2017

Paper mâché forms have a tendency to twist and torque during their drying process. As the cylindrical tower grew taller it began to teeter, as the omitted, unimpeded views failed to buttress and reinforce the unfocused views.

“Technological change has been rapid and, in many cases, its impact and direction rather confusing and unclear. Empirical evidence can be found to support almost any Utopian or dystopian vision we choose to construct. In the absence of a clear-cut understanding of the direction and outcome of technological change, rhetoric takes over as we seek to make sense of the power and place of these new technologies. The visions of “global villages”, “borderless worlds” and “towers of Babel’ fall into this category”

'Blind Faith: Day 3- community undo, 2017
'Blind Faith: Day 2 - splinter groups, 2017
[1] Hasa (2016) Online source: What is the Moral of Jack and the Beanstalk (pediaa.com) Source cited 27th April 2023