‘Mummy: Stratified Relationship Series’, 2022-ongoing

Digital image: spreadsheet text / drawing, and one of a series of photographs of a sculpture.

Mummy: Stratified Relationship Series – Artefacts A through E , 2022-ongoing.

Thinking of the term ‘mother tongue’; the language that a person grows up speaking from early childhood, this work began with colour, more so, the colours that I grew up around that had left their impression upon me, circa 1989 to 1994.

These colours were never just a fresh lick of paint but tiers of colour that mummified the previous colours beneath. I recall the breath-taking feeling of these colours suffocating me as they filled the walls, up onto the ceiling, and flowing through to the furnishings.

Exploring the subtleties of memory and the monumental qualities of momentary things, a process of forgetting and remembering has been followed, wherein, each layer of colour has been transfigured in the form of fragments of texts that have been sourced from art, films, music, and literature, to give a voice to each smothered colour.

A playlist accompanies this work : https://youtu.be/H4r6_MC1uiE?list=PLGNbzAgcIgtTfhJ0ANbMnkku8SjOBznR3

Mummy: A Constellation Installation.

A white cube, cathedral-like room with an altar piece: Mummy: Stratified Relations spreadsheet drawing painted onto a huge canvas.

A white prayer stand facing the altar piece with a white, canvas bound ‘Order of Service’ book [1].

A white stand (priests lectern / judges’ bench / auctioneers podium ) stands facing away from the altar piece, at an acute angle from the prayer stand, accompanied by a white auctioneers / judges gavel.

‘Order of Service’ book to include:

  • Mummy: Stratified Relations spreadsheet drawing
  • Mummy: Stratified Relations spreadsheet text
  • QR code to access the playlist: ‘Mummy: Stratified Relations’, 2022
  • Image of each artefact with Lot numbers and guide price for each lot.

Artefacts with Lot numbers to be displayed in a glass case, each with an ‘Order of Service’ book and A3 screen print of the ‘Stratified Relationship Altar Piece Image’ with QR code.

[1] ‘Order of Service’

Explains the structure and content of Christian services. A funeral order of service is a printed guide to the funeral ceremony or service. The booklet often contains details of the deceased with a photo on the front. The inside pages have the funeral service outline and a poem, prayer, or hymn. The back page may have details of the wake, more pictures, the funeral service date, location and so on.